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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you allow pets?

    • We do not allow pets.

  2. What is your minimum night stay?

    • Prime Season (Memorial day through labor day) our minimum night stay is 5 nights. ​

    • Off Season our minimum night stay is 3 nights.

  3. What are your rates?​

    • Prime Season​

      • Lodge- $500/night​

      • Units- $275/night

    • Off Season​

      • Lodge- $350/night​

      • Units- $175/night

  4. Why can't I book out future years?​

    • We give first option to return to the same week to our returning guests as long as they have at least a 5 day reservation with us. After the schedule has been set we will open the schedule for general booking. Please call Ryan with Reservation questions: 509-681-0174.​

  5. Do you conduct weddings?

    • We currently do not have the facility space for weddings

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